Collaboration between Municipalities and Civil Society

To Julian’s understanding, one goal of non-formal education should always be to become formal education. The same thing goes for non-governmental organisations. Our activities should always be well in line with the public interest and with our public institutions. This way our activities become more sustainable, we have more impact and more credibility. But in many parts of the world life can be far from this ideal. Public institutions are weak and the people working for these institutions lack motivation and the drive to change things. Well, seems like they need us. In his session Julian will give you some good examples of NGO driven projects that cooperated with town halls or ministries. He will try to help you understand the context in which the people in public administration work. The better we understand all our needs and perspectives, the more fun it is to cooperate and put our forces together. In the end, we will need them as well. You are encouraged to share your experiences in this session, may they be good or bad.


The workshop focusses on the following SDG