The call for application for the year 2024 has been released. Submit your project outline until 17 of November 2023.

Learn more about the programme and the application process in the subsequent paragraphs.

About the Programme

The German Government is funding cooperations with partner organisations from Germany and civil society in the target countries (the Eastern partnership countries and Russia) and the cooperating countries (France and Poland).

All projects must pursue at least one of the following overarching objectives

  1. Strengthening pluralism and reslience
  2. Promoting the discussion of values and human rights
  3. Creating future prospects and democratic transformation
  4. Supporting dialogue and rapprochement

In the funding year 2024, projects focusing on one of the following objectives will be given priority in the selection process

  1. Preserving and reconstructing civil-society networks in the context of European cooperation
  2. Counteracting disinformation campaigns and fake news
  3. Strengthening the political and social participation of women, as well as vulnerable and marginalised groups

This website is run by WECHANGE (the offical project partner) and guides through the application process, connects potential partners and gives assistance in practical questions around the project management, like visa regulations, financial calculations and how to deal with bureaucratic requirements. In particular we are organizing events to bring together potential partners from time to time.

Call for Applications 2024

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Foreign Office Website about the programme

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Process Overview

Step 1

Develop an idea &
find your partner organisation


Step 2

Consultation phase with Foreign Ministry


Step 3

Apply in the pre-selection process with your Project-Draft


Step 4

Apply in the formal application


Step 5

Run your project



Step 6

Project documentation




Dialogue for Future 2023: Register Now!

„The Future of Eastern Partnership: Empowering Democratic and Sustainable Civil Societies“

September 17-20th, 2023 in the Humboldt Carré, Behrenstraße 42, 10117 Berlin 

Good Practice

Find more Good Practice Examples from the last funding period here.

Learn more about how to find your partner organisation and start your project here.



Find more events regarding the partnership programme here.

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