“Dialogue for the Future” conference


Develop an idea & Find your partner organisation

In the first phase it is important to be creative and to find a project idea. It needs to be in line with the funding scope and the project development could happen during networking events (like the “Dialogue for the Future” conference in Sept. 2020) or online through these instruments. During the development of project ideas most of the people already have someone in mind who could do the project with them or are even developing the idea with representatives of partner organisations. For those that have no partner organisations yet – have a look on our list here.

Get inspired by Best Practice Examples
Check the scope of the programme


consultation phase

Questions may always arise during developing an idea, preparing your project and filling out an application form. We understand this and the Federal Foreign Office is ready to support you with qualified answers. You can contact the Federal Foreign Office via email at any time.

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Activation for applications



A pre-selection process will identify the project proposals that have the best chances of being awarded funding in line with the above-mentioned criteria and can thus be recommended to apply for funding. This pre-selection process will be conducted on the basis of project outlines which present the planned project briefly and concisely. During the pre-selection process, the responsible Division 601 of the Federal Foreign Office will be happy to answer general questions on the programme and on specific project ideas. In the case of projects funded by the Federal Foreign Office in previous years, a brief evaluation of the objectives achieved should be submitted with the project outline.

You can apply for a project funding until 16 October 2020. The Federal Foreign Office therefore opens a special website where you have to fill in some basic information regarding the application process (e.g. the adress / E-mail-Adress a short description about your organisation and your partner organisation). Then you have to fill in a short (up to 500 characters) and a long (up to 1500 characters) description of your project idea.


Deadline for application in the pre-selection

The Federal Foreign Office examines the application.


Announcement of the selected projects


Formal application

After being accepted with your extraordinary project you have to hand in a bigger application. Formal applications can then be submitted for projects given a positive assessment. In this application you get a chance to plan your project and get an idea of how to plan milestones and prioritize certain steps in your project. The deadline is usually 6 weeks after you have received an information regarding the funding. Applications must be submitted in German, by post by the given deadline, in order to be considered.

Download information on formal application


Deadline formal application

The Federal Foreign Office examines the formal application.


Affirmation of donation


Allocation of funds through call for funds


Project runtime

During the runtime of the project you have to prepare Visa for the participants of the exchange projects, book trains, flights and insurances. To have an overview about how to do these things we prepared a special section for you:

Project Management
Download section for accepted projects


Project end


Project documentation

In the end the German partner organisation has to write a report about the things you have done and explain if the goals have been reached that you have set yourself in the formal application. You can find the rules how the documentation should look like in the E-mails you receive from the Federal Foreign Office after the approval.


Formal report and financial report