Make the change you want. To the region you care for.

The #civilsocietycooperation platform gathers people, projects and events of NGOs from Eastern Partnership countries, France, Germany, Poland and Russia. To search for potential partners and network with other participants of the programme, login/register on the platform. There you can create a project, add a profile for your organisation, search for partners, announce events and communicate with other projects and individuals.

More information on the organisation behind the platform

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Overview of all functions

Real-time collaboration in documents

Work on text documents and tables online – together and simultaneously!

File and folder management

Create shared folders and upload any files and documents that only your team can access.


Create team tasks, assign them to team members and mark them as completed.

Calendar and events

Create internal appointments and public events in your group’s or project’s shared calendar.

Date determination

Find the most suitable date with a date survey.

Surveys and votes

Organize surveys in a team or in the entire community.

Direct messaging

Write private messages to other users, to everyone on the project team or to everyone in the group.


With a mail you let your team and the WECHANGE community know at any time what’s new.

News stream

With your personal news stream you will automatically be informed about all relevant activities at your location or from the whole community.

One-time login (single sign-on)

Login only once on to work together in all your projects and groups with the available tools in different teams.

Member administration

Simply invite new members to your project or group by e-mail, send an invitation link or create a QR code.


Present yourself on the web and decide which content will be publicly displayed on the microsite of your group or project.


Publish your offers or requests on the community internal marketplace.

Map view

Give your groups, projects and public events a location and make them automatically visible to everyone on our map.


With one post in the WECHANGE forum you can reach the whole community at once.

E-mail notifications

Don’t miss any more activities and set which e-mail notifications you want to receive and how often.


Tag your content and activities with keywords to make them easier to find.

No limits

Opens unlimited projects and groups, invite as many users as you like and work with all tools, without limitation.