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Conference rules

“Dialogue for future 2020” is an international networking conference that provides a forum for ideas and exchange between civil society actors and experts on sustainability and digitalisation. It is a place where changemakers from 10 countries will meet to network and brainstorm how to implement innovative international projects and start a successful cross-border cooperation.

#1 Chatham House Rule

We have what’s called the Chatham House rules at this event – we want everyone here to be able to speak freely about any topic, even if its controversial. So whatever you hear at this conference, you are allowed to share the information but you are not allowed to reveal the identity or affiliation of the speaker or any other participant. This is really important! More information about the Chatham House Rule

#2 Be on time

Being on time is key for online conferences. It safes energy of the moderators, gives you a feeling of a community and values the content of the session. Please be there, when your certain event starts.

#3 Photo rights

During this conference photos / screenshots will be taken online to document our conference. If you do not wish to be on one of the photos. Please contact us in advance or during the conference = or in our technical support chat.

#4 Video conferencing

whenever you are not speaking during a video conference – please switch off your microphone and camera if possible.  There is a connection between the number of cameras / microphones are turned on and the amount of Megabytes you will need to upload/ download the stream of the conference. So whenever it is possible and not disturbing you – please try to keep it off to save bandwith for our servers.

#5 Internet connection

To make sure that everybody understands you in seminars, workshops or in other circumstances please make sure to have a good internet connection. We know that it is sometimes not so easy, but maybe it is possible to follow the conference at a place where you have a good connection.


Civil society actors from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, France, Georgia, Germany, Moldova, Poland, Russia and Ukraine who are working within the framework of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and who are ready to find an international partner-organisation and implement a cross-border project together.

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