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About the Project Pitch

“Dialogue for Future 2020” is an international networking conference that provides a forum for ideas and exchange between civil society actors and experts on sustainability and digitalisation.
The culmination event of the conference is the presentation of your project idea. During 3 days of the conference, you are developing it, brainstorming, finding like-minded people to match a partnership and pitching your next project on Wednesday the 30th of Sep.

In case you are interested in the pitch, let your facilitator know about it. Our professional team of facilitators and moderators will support you during the preparation period and provide with all the necessary information and space.

The highlight of the pitching process at the networking conference “Dialogue for the Future 2020” is the feedback from the donors present at the pitch. The German Federal Foreign Office representative will answer your question in the Q&A session and comment on the ideas that you would present.

1. What to Pitch

Your idea for the next project, of course. We know that you have plenty of them and we are giving you a possibility to come one step closer to its imlementation. Pay attention that your idea has to fit framework of the Funding Programme of the German Federal Foreign Office.

1. The programme aims four essential pillars and they are:
Strengthening pluralism ‑ establishing and furthering pluralism of information, opinion and the media.
2. Promoting the discussion of values ‑ strengthening values through civil-society dialogue and cultural measures.

3. Opening up prospects for the future ‑ academic, professional and socio-political training and further training measures.
4. Fostering dialogue and understanding ‑ rebuilding trust lost as a result of territorial conflicts.

Watch our short how-to video to get more insides on the application process!

Important: To get funding from the Foreign Office, you need to have at least one partner from Germany and one from the EaP country. You can have two, three and more partners in your project. For example, your match can be like Georgia-Poland-Germany or Armenia-Germany or Ukraine-Moldova-Germany, etc. 

2. Why to Pitch

Our event is a unique possibility to present a sketch of your project idea in front of the donors with zero risks. We are providing you space, time, tools, professional facilitation and even potential partners for your next project. “Dialogue for the Future 2020” is here to make your experience unforgettable and useful and help to prepare the best “pilot” presentation of your idea. We want you to continue to change the world, support your local community with fresh ideas and get for this funding.

If you want to get financial support from the German Federal Foreign Office in 2021, you will have to submit your sketch latest on the 16th of October. Not that far away, isn’t it? So why not to use the conference to work on your pitch, present it, get feedback from the Programme representatives here and now and win the funding later.

Nothing to lose, a lot to win!


3. How to Pitch

There are two ways how to prepare a good sketch and present it on the 30th of Sep.

1. You have an idea. Congratulations 90% are done! The rest is simple.
– be active during networking and get in touch with like-minded people
– prepare the milestones of your presentation with our facilitators
submit the form until noon (Berlin time) on 30th of Sep via this link
– check your email to find the invitation with a link to the BBB room where you have to be at 14:00 (Berlin time) on the same day
– present your idea during 3 minutes and ask questions to your potential donors after the pitching event

2. You do not have an idea. Easy to change it.
– be active during the networking
– fully use the time for the Idea Cafe and brainstorm with like-minded people
– develop the presentation of your pitch together with our facilitators
submit the form until noon (Berlin time) on 30th of Sep via this link
– check your email to find the invitation with a link to the BBB room where you have to be at 14:00 (Berlin time) on the same day
– present during 3 minutes your idea and ask questions your potential donors after the pitching event

Submit your pitch as early as possible! This would give our jury more time to get to know your idea and increase your chances to participate in the pitch.
2. Be on time in the BBB room. You can leave the BBB room after your presentation and go back to the stage.

whenever you are not speaking during a video conference – please switch off your microphone and camera if possible.  There is a connection between the number of cameras / microphones that are turned on and the amount of Megabytes you will need to upload/ download the stream of the conference. So whenever it is possible and not disturbing you – please try to keep it off to save bandwith for our servers.

We want you to shine not during the pitching event at the “Dialogue for the Future 2020”, but also while preparing your sketch for the German Federal Foreign Office (deadline is on the 16th of Oct). That’s why we are inviting you for the post-conference and pre-application consulting hours at WECHANGE on:

* 06.10.2020 – 16-18 (Berlin time)
* 12.10.2020 – 16-18 (Berlin time)

Let’s meet at the Digital Conference Centre, the same place where the conference is happening. On those days we will answer your questions about the application form for the Funding Programme, go with you through the sketch you have written, help with shaping main points.
Your success is our goal!




Civil society actors from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, France, Georgia, Germany, Moldova, Poland, Russia and Ukraine who are working within the framework of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and who are ready to find an international partner-organisation and implement a cross-border project together.

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