#GEOYOUTH2020 – Manifesto Engaging Youth in Politics in Georgia

Polis180 and the Georgian Institute of Politics believe that ideas and visions of youth from all across the country need to be heard in order to move the democratic transition in Georgia forward. In #GEOYOUTH2020, we sought to empower Georgia’s youth to voice their positions in the 2020 parliamentary elections campaign – across party lines. In a participatory process, we produced a Youth Manifesto that was handed over to the competing political parties, asking them to include youth perspectives in their programs and campaigning. In this way, the project brings together “traditional” youth work with the grassroots think tank approach of Polis180. In addition, we financed a number of short-term projects initiated by youth groups in their regions based on the challenges and solutions collected in the Manifesto. In 2021, we are launching #GEOYOUTH2021 – Fostering Youth Participation in Local Politics which will combine skill workshops, project grants and a trip to Berlin to interact with decision makers and civil society representatives directly. Stay tuned for more!