Sophia Shakirova

Sophia Shakirova has been a civic activist since 2004. She has been the head of the “Center for Network Initiatives Support” NGO from Stavropol, Russia since 2008. Their priorities are civic education and engagement for youth, education in the field of social entrepreneurship, gender equality, peacebuilding and resolution in post-conflict territories in Northern Caucasus. COVID-19 pandemic brought changes into their activities. They started working with vulnerable groups like women with pre- and school children, schoolteachers and others suffered from new life conditions. Sophia is a member of the Eastern Europe Network of Civic Education (EENCE) and co-founder of the “Resilience for Civic Educators and Education” working group. She is also a member of the “Women for Peace” Caucasus Network and laureate of the “Young Caucasus Women for Peace and Prosperity” 2nd Award.

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