Grassroot women mobilise together for democracy!

Women’s organisations regularly share alarming information about threats against and hindrance to the work of civil society groups, and particularly against women’s and LGBTIQ+ activists. This was the starting point for the international four-steps-project which Filia developed together with Women’s Funds in Armenia, Georgia, and Ukraine and in cooperation with grassroot women’s organisations. In a first step, data and stories about threats to the work of civil society actors were collected. The second step consisted of sharing and discussing these results in each country. For the third step, 5 online workshops were held to collectively develop and design a transnational  social media campaign. The last step was the campaign launch  on social media on November 29th , the International Women Human Rights Defenders Day. Because of the war, the Armenian partners launched their messages on March 8th in 2021. A “Campaign-Together-Guide” documents the process and learnings, methods and examples, and it is available very soon here: